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It's Back!

Effect: The performer displays the backs of a deck of cards, exhibiting 20 or more different patterns and designs instead of the expected usual same pattern. After a few cuts, two cards are turned face up.

A spectator is invited to take the remaining deck and deal the cards face down, stopping wherever he likes. The first of the two face up cards is then placed on top of this dealt packet, and then the rest of the deck is placed on top of the packet. Next, this entire process is repeated with the remaining face up card.

Now the magician ribbon spreads or displays the entire deck face down, which also exposes the two face up cards within. He removes each of these face up cards plus the face down card above both, as a pair, and places them on the table. The rest of the deck is squared and laid aside.

The performer turns the face up cards over; each pair is displayed to have a matching back! Now each pair is turned face up; the faces also match in value and color!

Now, for the third climax, the performer displays the entire remainder of the deck face up. They are shown to all have the same value, and all are opposite in color to the matching pairs!



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