In memory of Paul Gretzinger
aka Artitux The Clown

Born April 7, 1939
Passed away November, 2000
The Boroken Wand Ceremony was November 19, 2006.

Not sure this is Artitux or another of his clown characters

Obituary in The Blade on November 16, 2000

Paul Gretzinger

    Paul Gretzinger, 61, of Toledo, OH passed away last week in his home. He was born April 7, 1939 in Toledo, OH to George and Dorothy Clark Gretzinger.
     Paul's interest in stage magic began in the late nineteen forties, when he was barely 10. Taking part in classes in magic and dramatics at the old Toledo Boy's Club, Paul dlscovered a passion for entertaining audiences that remained with him throughout his life. For fifty years, he entertained audiences throughout the Midwest with his personable comedy and masterful sleight-of-hand. He was admired within the magic community for his skill in performing difficult card manipulations while wearing gloves - a technically dlfficult feat that enhanced the bravura nature of his performances. Paul worked both as a stage magician and as a clown. He eventually earned the honor of performlnq as Ronald McDonald for seven years, touring his magic act and making personal appearances throughout Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. He especially loved performing for children.
      After working as a high school English teacher in his early twenties, Paul devoted himself to a performing career, but he never lost his enthusiasm for teaching. He taught card magic to aspiring magicians, often giving seminars at Ted Carrother's Magic Studio. More recently, he served his community by tutoring young children through the Seniors Teaching and Reaching Students (STARS) program. He made a difference for children who were not succeeding in school - he helped them learn and gain self-esteem. Paul had an insight into children who did not feel good about themselves because he understood them. He listened completely and undividedly, and he inspired people.
     Paul was an artist, and an excellent writer. He wrote plays and poetry. Often he wrote about a central concern of his life; mental illness. Paul was one of many people diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder, also known as manic depression. Recently he became active in local efforts to raise public awareness about mental illness. Among his many contributions to this cause, he was involved with the Consumer's Union, and he served on the Boards of both the Depressive/Manic Depressive Association and Harbor Behavioral Healthcare.
     Paul is survived by his mother, Dorothy; two former wives, Marilyn Zak and Carolyn L. Gretzinger; his sister, Alice and his brother George; his three children, Steve, Sue and Matthew; by his grandchildren, Claire, Colton, Sayeh, and Faviola; and by his many friends. A memorial celebration of Paul's life will be held at Simon Studios, 1931 West Sylvania, on Sunday, November 19, 2000, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. No flowers required - bring memories. Strabler Funeral Home, Toledo, (269-1111) is handling rrangements.
     Albert Camus: "ln the depths of winter, I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer."


Both hawk and dove are given.
Wings soar:
Symbol, soul and mirror
Fill me with loving light.
And in and of this stellar white,
I feel to think and do what's right.
And fail from lack of height's sight.
Then, falling, see and do
In the only now.
See darkly
By the wisdom, strength and love
And in forevet fleeting now,
I'm shriven.


Tonight the star's light reveals
    the magus' staff,
Vanished not to snake but silk and
Shows the sunset rainbow and the
That led to more than promise,
     more than wish, more than
     mother's kiss.
Stars and staff, silk and myrrh,
Rainbow and dove-- all led
To all that needed to be said:

"Put this star's light in your
And light your candle in the dark,
Light one candle in the ark,
Light one window in one mansion.
Let your soul go dancin' in the
Go flyin' to mountain perches
Beyond all synagogues, mosques and

Light one candle in the dark,
Love one soul to joyous laugh
As the Child did from the manger's
And you'll 'mount up with wings
     like eagles.'
You'll rebirth this dusty earth.
Make it palace, make it regal,
Resound with joy and mirth.
Make this house our home,
     an interstellar craft
Of peace this silent night,
Create a heaven of earth
With all the strength we have."

Paul, aka Artitux, 25 Dec '96 - 1 Jan '97

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